– Development –

  • Toyota works hard to achieve a zero customer complaints through the prevention of problems. They have revised their process of operation, implemented the adoption of parts in to their automobiles early while incorporating new ideas to reduce risks, they have strived to achieve safety in all of their products, they work to improve parts manufacturing to ensure quality meets Toyota – approved specs. They do this by collaborating with the Purchasing Group and Production Engineering Group, they carry out inspections on aged products & aged parts, and they have established an improvement process based upon constant evaluation.
  • In 2012, they accelerated efforts to ensure the safety of their product and strived to enhanced their customer confidence level which is an even more important theme.

– Purchasing –

  • Toyota has focused on new suppliers & they endeavor to clarify the division of roles with suppliers they also work to enhance the confirmation process.
  • In 2012 Toyota revised work procedures by clarifying the responsibilities of Toyota and their suppliers. They also promote visualization in the quality control system of supply chains in association with the expansion of their suppliers in all emerging markets. They did this with the aim of promoting their prevention activities.

– Production –

  •  Toyota has made a serious effort to establish quality requirements for their products. This is a key step in delivering customers high quality automobiles & to realize the designers’ intent in the manufacturing process. They have also achieved regular progress during their effort to enhance the integrity of built – in quality with ownership  thereby building the quality directly into the product. This will have strengthened the inspection process & final product.
  • In 2012 Toyota promoted manufacturing that exceeds all of the customer expectations. They do this by working closely with all of the other departments.

– Sales & Service –

  • Toyota gathers and analyzes market information with the goal of establishing the industries earliest detection and resolution process to solve any problems they find. They are expanding customer confirmation activity & they gather their customers’ comments from dealers and from government offices then they respond quickly.
  • A new Customer First Promotion Group was established in 2012 to help them work closely with customers as well as the manufacturer They are also working towards furthering customer satisfaction by integrating manufacturing, sales and  service.

– Better Products and Services Through Customer Feedback –

Toyota’s has a Customer First policy which exists to provide their customers with the products and services that they deserve. Toyota strives to offer vehicles with excellent features in terms of the environment, quality, safety and performance. They also offer the appeal of driving performance, with an affordable price tag. To make better vehicles they rigorously use their customers opinions obtained through dealers and their own Customer Assistance Center.


– Regional Customer Feedback  –

In order to offer quality products & services which have been based upon their Customer First policy, they established several customer assistance centers. These centers are not only in Japan. They are also in the U.S., Europe & other Asian countries.

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