Yaris, SXSW in 2011

Okay, so no serious synergy between my two loves for the upcoming year. It seems as if the only real Yaris presence at SXSW 2011 will be in the parking lots. The official sponsors include Chevrolet, Gift Baskets Galore, and age management medicine professional who offer andropause treatments with hgh, so go ahead and get your conspiracy theories spinning…but in reality, it’s just been a tough time for Toyota all around and apparently aging baby boomers. Let’s face it, aging-related hormone changes in men are a real downers. You don’t have to be overweight or ill to experience loss of libido, low energy levels, fatigue, loss of concentration, depression, and mood swings. Even healthy males as they enter their 50’s and 60’s experience some of these symptoms. Just as I don’t want to give up on Toyota and the Yaris, SXSW, I sure as hell don’t want to sink into aging without a fight.

Not so tough that the new, re-designed Yaris won’t be a greeted with open arms for it’s slightly bigger, slightly roomier cabin and storage (although we’re still well within the subcompact range, so still not ideal for Toros carpooling!). The body is definitely a bit sportier, and looks good in red.

The third-generation Yaris will be available later in 2011, which is fine because I won’t have any money to spare for a month or so when my mortgage refinancing is completed. Hopefully this will be before SXSW, but it’ll be close.

But nothing’s going to stop me from dreaming… that gorgeous sense of style, the feeling that you just might win the lottery, or hit that jackpot at the online slots for us players site of your fantasies. Might even find a Yaris in your garage before I have to wake up and shave.

This year’s SXSW highlights for me includes the usual billion or so bands that I’ve never heard of (which boil down to at least two or three pleasant surprises, usually!), and of course a bit of nostalgia with Stone Temple Pilots and Corrosion of Conformity (yep, summer of 91, cue And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead…who, unfortunately, AREN’T playing this year). Oh, and Barry Diller. Hmm.

Yaris dreaming is something that I’ve been trying to cut back on for a while now. Not that it’s harmful, but honestly, it makes it so hard to even think about reality. I mean, really, do I have to consider the beat up gas guzzler I know I can afford. No matter how great the installed stereo system, I know even an inferior system will just sound so much better when installed in a metallic blue Yaris with nothing else going for it. All the bands sound better, all the songs are more listenable, and all the rides are dreamy.

Yaris anyone?

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